Welcome to our new store !

Klara Forrest is a Western Australian design house. We started our journey by designing custom-made pieces for modern women who want unique yet comfortable clothes that perfectly fit their curves, personalities and ambitions.

Having many go-getters and lucky jet setters as our clients, we know all too well about the challenge of travelling light and in style, packing multiple bags to accompany each outfit. Or having a closet full of clutches that were used only once, for that one dress, for that one date! Or trying to discreetly fumble through our black hole bag in a dark bar, searching for our credit card and lipstick. Or the panic of forgetting where we’ve managed to hide our passports as we approach the immigration line. Basically, the general everyday dilemma of fitting our one million “essentials” into a small space.

And that’s why we created the Brag-Bag! A bag that has all the lifestyle needs of the modern busy woman covered! ‘Cause necessity is the mother of invention!

Our Bragbags are the only product on the market which can be used as a wallet, a clutch, a waist bag and a day bag, with both short and long straps. We have an endless variety of interchangeable covers (Face Lifts!) that can transform one single bag from a sophisticated leather bag for your cooperate lunchtime meeting to a glamorous evening satin clutch to take on your dinner date! We also have extra decorative pieces that can be attached via magnets, just in case you needed extra BLING!

Mission accomplished: Style, comfort and versatility

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