ZWECK by Klara is a Western Australian design and fashion house.
We started our journey by designing custom-made pieces for modern women who want unique, yet comfortable clothes that fit their curves, personalities, and ambitions in the perfect manner.

Having many go-getters and lucky jet setters as our clients, we know all too well about the challenge of traveling light and in style, packing multiple bags to accompany each outfit, trying to discreetly fumble through our black hole bag in a dark bar, searching for our credit card and lipstick, or the panic of forgetting where we’ve managed to hide our passports as we approach the immigration line. Basically, the general everyday dilemma of fitting our one million “ essentials ” into a small space.

Zweck: Designed with purpose

A Zweck product is not just another pretty fashion item. There is a purpose behind each feature in all of our unique products, that provides the solution to the challenges entrenched in a modern women’s busy lifestyle.

ZWECK is a revolution in style, comfort and versatility

Understand the benefit of each piece we have created; further articulated in their product description.

All Zweck handbags

Zweck’s trademark elegance is beyond trend. It is forever; attributed to simplicity and self-expression. In one smooth move, you can change the look of your bag. Un-zip and zip-on.

Create your own style

Zweck’s stylish and classic pieces have proved popular with successful Western Australian women.

Functionality and versatility are the main focus points in our design process, easing the modern woman’s challenge of finding corporate work attire that enables the expression of their unique individuality.

Zweck is the first if not the only fashion label creating pieces which can be added to or removed from the garment or fashion accessories creating a fresh new look; Your Look.


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